Since patient registry project enables us to take inside out in the patient/clinical data therefore, preexistence of database shorten the life span of such projects while collection demands half to full year endeavors. Thus, we have flexible patient registry development process with principle steps involved such as:


Concepting & Strategy

However, patient registry like giant projects never initiated by an individual with average capacities of funding. Such projects are mostly brainchild of scientists, giants in industries relevant to medical and pharmaceutical fields or by the big authorities like government of academic research institutions. It is seldom comes from the patient side in form of organized community or trust/NGO.

Thus, there are daunting task to grasp the entire concept and formulate suitable strategies for development as well as execution in practical field. Fortunately, our prolonged experiences come to help here and smoothen the all, concept, strategy, and development as well as information architecture formulation processes in order to assure your definite success with least investment.